Monday, June 26, 2017

Lauda Sion Salvatorem: photos from Corpus Christi 2017

At the beginning of the month, I posted a short history of the feast of Corpus Christi. Now I can share with you some photos from our celebration of that great day in the Philadelphia area. We had a solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter & Paul, followed by a procession around the church and Benediction. Neither the killer traffic into the city nor the inconvenient Thursday date deterred clergy/seminarians, altar servers, and choristers from all around--Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Diocese of Wilmington, and Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter--from giving glory to God. The pastor of my parish was among those in-choir.

Many thanks to Mrs. Allison Girone, whom I met last month at the diocesan TLM community in Wilmington, Delaware, for taking these images below. You can view her blog here.

Leading deacon and celebrant from the sacristy to the high altar
Incensations at the Offertory
The elevation
Holy Communion

Preparing for the procession
The priests in the procession wear chasubles not because they're concelebrating, but to represent their order in the major clergy
Only the Lord in the Eucharist has the honor of being preceded by two thurifers in the Roman Rite
Pange lingua gloriosi...

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

The exterior of the Cathedral at night, after the liturgy

It may also be worth sharing these photos taken by another friend with my own camera.

Vesting with the amice
Blurry, but this is me giving the kiss of peace to my pastor in-choir, after the Agnus Dei

Family together after Mass

A collection of short video clips....


  1. WOW, this was a really interesting post for me and i really enjoyed it. I think that any form of evil or midevilism should not really exist in today's world. I thought we had advanced that much as a race.

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  3. As I know, the person acting as subdeacon is lay married instituted acolyte. It is true, that according to many PCED responsens, the acolyte suitable instituted by bishop can act as subdecon (
    But! Let us rember, that acolyte could not act as ordinated (real) subdeacon. He could act only "in substitusion" as so called "straw" subdecon.

    Firstly - acolye or seminarian can extraordinary act as subdeacon only "in rationabile casua" - when there is rational, importat need (f.e. there is no ordinated subdeacon, deacon or priest, that coud serve as normal - "non-straw" subdeacon). On these photograps there are many priests... so there is no extraordinary need.

    Secondly - acolye acting as subdecon (in comparison to "non-straw" subdeacon) could not do some things during celebration. "Straw subdeacon" may not:
    1) wear the manipule (which is the sing of real subdeacon ordination)
    2) wipe the chalise nor pour water into it at the ofeertory (leaves to the deacon); after he has brought the chalice to the altar at the offertory he does not touch it, nor does he cober or unvoer it.
    3) does not clean the chalice or any ciboria afer ablutions (this is done by the celebrant)
    4) wear the biretta biretta (if acolyte is otherwise not entitlet to it - if he is not a tonsured seminarian)

    Let's take a look at one of the most respected liturgical ceremonials:

    A Fortescue, J. B. O'Connell & A. Reid, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 2009,

    On page 134 there is a subsection titled "Substutute for Subdeacon."

    "For a reasonable cause the place of the subdeacon may be taken by a cleric in minor orders, or by one who is at least tonsured (73). In this case he does not wear the manipule; he may not wipe the chalise nor pour water into it at the ofeertory, but leaves to the deacon; after he has brought the chalice to the altar at the offertory he does not touch it, nor does he cober or unvoer it. He does not clean the chalice or any ciboria afer ablutions; this is done by the celebrant. The cleric does, however, arrange the chalice, veit it and carry it back to the credence. Otherwise he fulfils all the office of a subdeacon.

    (73) S.R.C.4182. The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei has confirmed that the practice of an instituted acolyte actins as subdeacon may be tolerater (7 June 1993, Prot 23/92). It is essential that the substitute be adequately prepared. The biretta is not worn by one not otherwise entitlet to it."

    warm greetings from Poland
    Łukasz - permanent instituted acolyte :)

    1. Summarizing:
      1. Performing the function of a subdeacon by an instituted acolyte, when so many priests are present, is an abuse.
      2. The second abuse is performing this function inappropriately - not as "straw subdeacon" bus as real, ordinated subdeacon.