Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Requiem: the album

I've finally gotten around to seeing the promo video for the FSSP's new chant album: "Requiem". It's a stunning clip that deserves to be watched with full attention (fullscreen, 1080p, not on a smartphone). Everything about it exudes the medieval ideal of the liturgical choir... and what I'm striving to attain with my little start-up schola of male, surpliced chanters in the Philadelphia area. See below:

"Requiem" can be purchased directly from the Fraternity's site here. As an aside, I'm pleased to observe that one of the seminarians featured in the video assisted in the role of subdeacon for our nuptial Mass in 2014....


  1. Thank you for sharing the information with us, this is worth reading and sharing with others. Always good to read such posts :)

  2. I wish the FSSP and ICKSP would be ordained by Pre-1968 Bishops.
    There are very many living Bishops who were consecrated before July 1968!