Friday, March 27, 2015

At last, a requiem fit for a Catholic King: solemn Latin Mass

The church of Saint Catherine Labouré in Leyland hosted a solemn Requiem Mass on the same day as his reinterment in Leicester. It was according to the Missal of 1962. Here are some images from the blog of Father Simon Henry, whose original post may be found here. The good priest says that after the Mass, the congregation enjoyed "a themed buffet with such tasty morsels as Yorkshire pudding with venison sausage or duck in port sauce, Pye of pork meat made with paest royall, Ribbes of beef, Quail eggs and roasted chicken calf." I'm jelly now.

Also, an interesting observation: a commenter on Father Simon's blog notes that the Greyfriars; that is, Franciscans; who originally buried King Richard would have probably used the Roman Missal, rather than the Sarum Missal or any other local use. So, the Requiem Mass as celebrated in the 1962 books would be almost identical to any Mass the friars may have celebrated when they received Richard's body.

Chanting the Gospel


Just look at that wonderful, wooden Gothic reredos

Communion of the servers; note the banner with Richard's personal sigil, the white boar, at left
A catafalque for the king

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  1. Well, I believe Fr. Patrick Fenton of St. Luke's Catholic Church of Wills Point, Texas, said a 1962 Requiem for the King. It's 2 hours from my house or I would have attended, more's teh pity.

    1. Do you have any pictures or more information on that?

  2. May His Majesty The King rest in eternal peace forever now !!!